Hey there! I'm Emily (em)

The fact that you've made it to this web-page means you want to get to know me a bit, yeah? Let me tell you about me, and my incredible team.

I have seen far too many engagement and family photos that looked like they were taken just so mom could have something to send to the family to tape on the fridge. You know what I'm talking about... The classic side-by-side, hand holding, smiling at the camera pose... It's sweet, but it doesn't capture any emotion.

Thousands of couples and families invest money into taking beautiful photos, and receive these staged, fake-y type photos. When you hire a photographer, I believe it's important to deliver photos that capture your story.

This is why we emphasize capturing real, candid imagery.

I want you to look at your gallery and as you go through them laugh at the quirky moments captured, relive the chemistry between you and your partner, and feel the photos. We capture emotion. Your happiest moments. The funniest "bloopers" and all the good vibes.


1. I'm a huge marvel nerd
2. I'm a major homebody. Biiig hermit over here - I'd take takeout + PJ's and a movie over a fancy night out!
3. I have a thing for baby cows and goats... I don't know what it is but I love them
4. I'm a huge fan of granola, but I HATE oatmeal. Maybe it's a texture thing?
5. One of my favorite foods is artichoke


aka everyone's best friend

1. I’m Romanian and would visit Europe and Romania almost every summer until i was 18!
2. I can do the worm with my eyebrows lol does this count?
3. I have never broken a bone in my body and i don’t ever plan on it haha
4. I'm an animal lover and would adopt every single dog if i could
5. I have never seen harry potter or star wars


Guaranteed to make you laugh

1. I. could live on ramen for the rest of my life
2. I'm a dog mama
3. Currently learning Japanese
4. I'm the youngest of 7
5. I LOVE the ocean and diving with whale sharks, normal sharks, and anything that swims. Not an actual whale tho, that'd be too scary.

Meet Emily A. :

if kindness was a person

1. I love to cook and bake! It makes me so happy and it’s always fun to create dishes from scratch

2. I grew up in a one stoplight town in Indiana.

3. I love interior design. It’s so fun to take a space from nothing and make it beautiful and cozy!

4. My go to coffee order is an Iced vanilla latte with oat milk!

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