Something you should know...

Before I book with clients, I like to make it clear to them that I want to make our session together as stress-free and comfortable as possible. Let me just start by saying don't worry about being "awkward" or not used to photos, don't worry about getting the kids to look at the camera, don't worry about your curls falling out, don't worry about making sure you're not blinking in the photos, and think of it as hanging out with a new friend (it's me. I'm the friend).

If you're wanting picture-perfect photos where everyone is sitting up straight, looking right at the camera with cheesy smiles and is perfectly posed, I AM NOT THE PHOTOGRAPHER FOR YOU. If this is a turn off, don't worry, there are plenty of photographers out there who love making every picture symmetrical and perfect.

I thrive off of goofy laughs, getting messy, breaking tradition, and comfort. I consider myself to be a very non-traditional person in a lot of different ways, and how I do my art is one of these things. These raw and candid photos that show people's personalities and quirks... I find beautiful.

For some people, my relaxed photo style is "unprofessional", and for some, it's reassuring. My goal is to take the pressure off the day of the photo shoot. Let's meet up, become friends, and have a good time. Sound good? Let's talk about pricing now!


- Up to 1 hour
- 60+ edited photos delivered
- 1 optional outfit change
- 1 location
- Engagements/Couples/Maternity



- Up to 2 hours
- 100+ edited images delivered
- Up to 2 outfit changes
- 2 locations
- Engagement/Maternity/Couples



This package is for elopements + weddings!

- Elopements start at $4,400
- Weddings start at $3,000

Contact me for more info and to receive a more accurate estimate.

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- Up to 1 hour of shooting
- 70+ edited images delivered
- A mix of candid, traditional, and portrait shots




What's the turnaround time for a gallery?

Turnaround time varies depending on the workload I currently have and how busy that season is, but regular sessions are guaranteed in 3 weeks or less, and weddings are guaranteed in 8 weeks or less.

Average wedding turnaround time for me is 4-5 weeks, and average session is 1-2 weeks.

Sneak peeks will also be sent leading up to the official gallery delivery.

Do we pay a booking fee? + refund policy

I don't charge an additional booking fee to secure you're spot, but i do charge a non-refundable retainer. This is 20% of the session total cost for weddings, and for regular sessions it's a 50% retainer

If you're paying in multiple payments, the first payment will act as the retainer.

For weddings: if the wedding date is rescheduled at least 8 months in advance, the retainer can be used for the new wedding date if we're available. If the wedding date is rescheduled in less than 8 months before the wedding date, the retainer is not refunded, but the remaining due is terminated.

For regular sessions: If the date of the photoshoot is rescheduled more than one time, a new retainer will need to be paid.

Will you be photographing or an EFP team member?

For weddings, it depends on if I (Emily) am available or not, and if the couple is wanting to hire me, or one of my team members! Hiring a team member will give you almost identical results as if i were in person, and can save you some money. As we meet about your wedding day, you'll be able to communicate your preferences and concerns so we can find the best fit for you! There won't be any surprises with who shows up on your wedding day.

For regular sessions, it will be communicated before booking whether it will be me shooting or a team member. Pricing for regular sessions is the same either way, and depends more on my availability and your flexibility.