Hey Photographer!

You know when you look up a recipe for something and have to scroll through a million paragraphs to get to the *actual * recipe because you know.. search engine optimization? I'm literally just here to help you figure out where you're at in your photography journey, and provide the best tools to help you grow from a collection of what helped me, product links, and things I wished existed when I needed them (so I created a product for ya to save you hundreds of actual hours).

This blog post/resource list is broken into 3 parts:

  • resources for Beginners - You're considered a beginner if you just bought your first camera (or are currently shopping for one), don't know how to shoot in manual yet, and are working towards making this a side gig or hobby). Sound like you? You'll want to check out the beginners list.
  • resources for Part Time Photographers - This list of resources is for you if you're working a part time (or full time) job while simultaneously working at growing your photography business to replace your full-time income with income from clients and photo gigs. If you've got a business and little to some income, but are wanting to get better at shooting and editing, gaining clients, and growing your business, the part-time list is for you.
  • resources for Full Time Photographers - If you're already out of your 9-5 and making a full time income through photography but are wanting to scale to 6-figures, consistently book higher paying clients, and get out of the "budget photographer" zone and into an abundant life with less gigs yet more income, this list is yours. You've grown your business, you've done all the things and you have consistent clients, you've just plateau-d at 3-6k/mo, now what you need isn't the "to-do" list, but deeper work and growth. If this resonates, check out the list for full time photographers.

Resources for beginners:

  1. A lower-investment beginner camera I recommend linked here
  2. A higher investment camera for beginners I recommend linked here
  3. If you're wanting to get a separate lens, let this be your first one. It's going to make a huge difference having a bigger focal length and create stunning images to start with especially compared to the kit-lenses you'll likely get with your first camera. Most lens investments are $1,000+, so this a great start. 50mm 1.8f canon lens linked here - Keep in mind, this is for CANON DSLR bodies. There are multiple variations of this lens for different bodies and camera brands.
  4. Learning to shoot in manual is the most important thing to learn when getting started in Photography. It's a skill that once you learn, you will never stop using when shooting. When i was getting started into photo, all the YouTube videos I watched explaining how to shoot in manual made zero sense to me - they were teaching me as if I was already professional and knew the lingo, so I made a class explaining how to shoot in manual in the simplest terms (and I included a few more topics and tips to help you get started) class linked here - once you have access to this, it's yours for life. It includes a video and a workbook to go along with the video. p.s.. i used to teach these things in mentorships for beginners, but this is a longer amount of time educated for a fraction of the price of a mentorship
  5. This YouTube video explains the differences between a full frame and crop sensor camera and will be very helpful for you! Your first camera as a beginner will very likely be a crop sensor, unless you're investing more right from the start. Either way, make it a goal for you to obtain a full-frame camera. The video is linked here - the short answer is in the first 30 seconds, but if you want all the technical info, watch the whole thing.

Resources for part-time photographers:

  1. If you're needing new ideas to grow your business, or want to improve your posing and shooting skills, I suggest you apply for a mentorship. Whatever your needs and goals are is what we will focus on. Business growth, reaching more potential clients, getting perfect candid photos, posing, etc. You can apply for a virtual mentorship here, and (if you're local to arizona) an in-person mentorship here.
  2. Ready to invest in a new body? From experience, I recommend the Canon 5D mark iv linked here. I have two of these for both my main body and my backup. If you're wanting to go the mirrorless route, a body I've used and LOVE but don't own yet, is the canon r6 linked here. The R6's auto-focus abilities are way more advanced than the 5d mark iv. It has insane eye tracking tech and you will never miss focus in a shot.
  3. Two lenses I highly recommend you invest in (and my all time favorite lenses) are the 35mm 1.4 linked here (for canon), and the 24-70mm 2.8 linked here (for canon). Both Sigma and Tamron have "dupe" lenses for many of the canon, Nikon, and Sony brand lenses. I purchased and linked the lenses i got from sigma for my canon, but you can also buy them from canon at a higher price. The differences to me were too subtle to invest another $600+
  4. If you're wanting to nail candid photos with lots of fun movement while also making it natural and comfortable for your clients, I recommend you invest in my prompt guide. It is jam-packed with prompts, games, variations, and shooting tips all intended to help you master shooting lively candid images, while also creating a fun client experience. Prompt guide linked here
  5. Facebook groups! Yep - Don't underestimate the power these hold. Even if you're primarily on Instagram, this is a great place to get yourself in front of people looking for photographers. Local community Facebook groups like {city name} families, mommies in _______, etc. Some of these groups allow promotions on certain days of the week - just make sure you read the group rules and act accordingly.

Resources for full-time photographers:

  1. I'm not kidding. You're editing a ton and you need these sweatpants linked here.
  2. When you're at the point of making a full time income and committing full-time hours to your business, you probably already understand the basics in gaining clients, organizing your business, and creating beautiful images. There comes a point during this process where your growth is plateaued, and although there are consistent $4k months, nothing is growing even though you've done literally everything you could think of doing (investing in education, courses, switching up Instagram strategies etc.). At this point, it's no longer about what tips and tricks you know, but gaining a better understanding of how YOU work. Gaining clarity on deeper meaning in your business, what role you play, what purpose you have in the grand scheme of things, mastering your thoughts, understanding your mind, and working alongside God in your growth. Photographers making $10k months don't know a secret hack that you don't know - They just think different. And different thinking leads to different actions, which leads to different results... simply put.

This is where coaching comes in. In coaching, we look at all of these things, do intensive work in identifying beliefs that no longer serve you, habits of thinking that slow you down, we do deep thought work, and we look at how we can get your mind to a place where any monetary goal can happen for you. In fact, we can make these goals come easily to you. All it takes is thinking in a way that the actions to get you $10k months become instinctive.

My first $10k month happened in less than a year after going full time and my work wasn't even *that* good.

Coaching is an investment of $1200/monthly for a 3 month commitment for the full-time photographers wanting massive growth. This isn't business coaching, it's brain-based mind coaching. This isn't just going to make your business greater, it's going to make all areas of your life better.

  • One client doubled his salary in 3 months of working with me, after spending 2 years working on the same goal with a Tony Robbins certified coach
  • One client took her business to consistent $7k months after 3 months of coaching with me as she learned how to spot opportunities by shifting how she sees the world
  • Another client realized that success didn't have to be hard for her, and realized a different possibility for her than a life of grind and hustle and sweat and tears. She doubled her inquiries AND her prices in 2 months of working with me

I don't have a link for you to apply to this if you feel like it's right for you, and I am very particular in the clients that I take because if you're not ready for something like this, it won't benefit you. If this is something you think you're ready for, DM me on Instagram, we will setup a consultation, and we'll discuss if it feels like the right thing for you at this part of your growth journey. If I don't think it would be the best fit for you, I can still recommend you to additional resources to help you in the meantime.