A new & beautiful space

With all the local studios where it seems like every photographer goes, my husband and i decided to rent out our apartment to provide a new, and beautiful space for photographers to shoot their lifestyle sessions.

With limited slots to book, it helps keep it from getting too saturated. We believe every photographer should be able to turn their creative ideas into something real and with our cozy couches, array of throw blankets and pillows, and light-filled rooms, emotion can be perfectly captured.


  1. Please be respectful of our furniture and apartment. After all, this is our home. We'd like to come back to it in the same state it was when we left.
  2. Clean the room up as you found it.
  3. No food or drinks on the couch, carpet, or bed.
  4. If anything is broken, please understand that there will be a large fee to be paid.
  5. We do have an Amazon Alexa for you to use for music only. Please keep volume at a respectful level.
  6. Do not adjust thermostats. We keep it around 74-76 depending on the time of day - it should be comfortable.
  7. If you have any questions, text or call me. 5129669776

Pricing & booking

We are renting out our space for $65/hr, and +$35/every additional hour

Booking is available weekdays and weekends. We take 10 sessions per month MAX. If the slots are filled, we will find a time the following month to get you scheduled.


We live in the apartments at "The Flats at SanTan" in Gilbert, AZ off of Val Vista and San Tan Village pkwy. We are in the farthest building (building #5), in apartment 4018 on the top floor. Right when you get off the elevator, turn left and our apartment is right there.

We cant wait to have you!


Q: How will we get in?

A: I will meet with you and your client in the communicated parking spot to open the gate to our apartments. Once you get in, I will leave it to you two and return a couple minutes before the shoot is scheduled to finish.

More FAQs Below

Let's get in touch, yeah?

See the space

We put together a little video for you to get a better idea of what it looks like!


Q: How do I book the space?

A: Contact us and we will figure out a day and time that works!

Q: Can I come by and tour the space before shooting?

A: Absolutely! We would be more than happy to show you around.

Q: How do I pay to rent the space?

A: We take Venmo, CashApp, online invoices, Paypal, and cash.

Q: When is the best time lighting wise?

A: The light is best in the morning from 9AM-12PM, and after that it gets a little more harsh because our windows face the west where the sun sets. We get some beautiful golden hour light in here as well, and you can bring our blinds down to diffuse harsh light any time you'd like.

Q: Do you live here?

A: Yep! This is our apartment that we've been in since the beginning of 2020. We live and work here, which is one of the reasons why we cant book rentals all day every day. We still want to be comfortable in our own home so we book 6-10 sessions a month.

Q: How many rooms are available when we rent it?

A: The kitchen, the living room, and the bedroom are all available. Our bathroom is also open if you need to use it, but it isn't staged for photos ;)

Capture authenticity

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